“This week’s must read: Ghastly Holidays”

5 stars

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Thank you so much for visiting Oort Publications and a very warm welcome to the second book by the oorthor David Williams, Ghastly Holidays.


Ghastly Holidays is more than running through fields of wheat! It is about igniting them albeit “accidentally”. Hard on the heels of Filthy Creatures comes David Williams’s new book Ghastly Holidays. From action packed weekends to the Outer Shetlands, lamentable skiing in Lech, crazy hire car trips in Corfu and rubber pollution in Polzeath, Williams takes the reader on a global poetic tour of catastrophic trips drizzled together with delicious drawings by Elliot Byrne. So welcome to the ride, sit down and be warned you may well need to Muckle up!

"The quickest way to meet your maker,

Is to become a blind summit over taker,

The more acute the angle, the greater the danger,

A much greater chance of killing a perfect stranger."

Rosie you are always welcome.
MORAL Bravo pubic transport.
MORAL A rosé a day, c’est parfait!
MORAL being bald, skinny, blind and having a 15 inch tongue does have its upsides

"A driving test is not required, Insurance a flight of fancy,
A surface road is undesired, Indicators are for nancies."
MORAL Spray where the sun don't shine.
MORAL Sometimes three collects a crowd.
MORAL Don't smoke.