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Ghastly Holidays captures the truly awful things that can and probably have beset us all. No – not just missed flights, dog chewed passports, or one of the children setting off a full airport security alert with another unmentionable piercing, no, Ghastly Holidays is about remembering all those good times, possibly because they were bloody awful. In fact, have you ever been on holiday without incident? Ghastly Holidays might remind you of a few of these times, and the utter relief we can feel returning home.

£1.00 of each paperback book sold will be
donated to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

Rosie you are always welcome.
MORAL Bravo pubic transport.
MORAL A rosé a day, c’est parfait!
MORAL being bald, skinny, blind and having a 15 inch tongue does have its upsides

"A driving test is not required, Insurance a flight of fancy,
A surface road is undesired, Indicators are for nancies."
MORAL Spray where the sun don't shine.
MORAL Sometimes three collects a crowd.
MORAL Don't smoke.