“The word genius is overused, so it’s lucky it doesn’t apply here.” LOUISA WEDDERBURN
“Williams, a man for whom the authorised Bhutanese road sign; ‘It’s Not a Rally, Enjoy the Valley,’ was undoubtedly commissioned.” SOPHIE WYNN-WILLIAMS
“He had to be good at something; a cracking read if you have difficulty sleeping.”
“Not since Mick Fleetwood, has such talent and creative genius emerged from Cornwall.”
“David Williams – Roald Dahl on rosé.”  DIGBY FLOWER
“From one of the great social commentators of the 21st century on the absolute necessity of a permanent supply of rosé when on holiday.”  SARAH BANHAM
“After reading David’s previous book, who could not order at least ten copies of this new one; another truly amazing read and classic.”  ROGER MADELIN
“Faulty Towers meets hilarious Belloc.” PETER FREEMAN
“An immensely entertaining voyage through family life… His poems offer an eclectic, ironic and funny glimpse into the world we are lucky enough to live in.”  LISA CARTER
“This book should be seen as an amusing warning of what will happen if you take a holiday with this lunatic.”  SIMON STONE
“We will fight Williams on the beaches.”  A DISTANT RELATIVE OF WINSTON
“Some people think it’s funny but it’s really rather runny – another solid read from DW.”

Rosie you are always welcome.
MORAL Bravo pubic transport.
MORAL A rosé a day, c’est parfait!
MORAL being bald, skinny, blind and having a 15 inch tongue does have its upsides

"A driving test is not required, Insurance a flight of fancy,
A surface road is undesired, Indicators are for nancies."
MORAL Spray where the sun don't shine.
MORAL Sometimes three collects a crowd.
MORAL Don't smoke.