Matt ‘Badger’ Winterburn – Trained first as a Naval Officer at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, until his career was cut short by injury. After some time in rehabilitation, Matt left the service and studied Psychology and English at King’s College Aberdeen. Since then he has held many positions including Psychologist, Pharmaceutical Specialist and Software Specialist.

Matt Winterburn pictured with
Pietro Ranieri, MD Ranieri Communications. 2019

Writing is now his joy and after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is his ultimate therapy. He is married with two beautiful daughters and lives in London. He is a passionate supporter of mental health charities. He loves rugby, laughing and roast dinners!

Rosie you are always welcome.
MORAL Bravo pubic transport.
MORAL A rosé a day, c’est parfait!
MORAL being bald, skinny, blind and having a 15 inch tongue does have its upsides

"A driving test is not required, Insurance a flight of fancy,
A surface road is undesired, Indicators are for nancies."
MORAL Spray where the sun don't shine.
MORAL Sometimes three collects a crowd.
MORAL Don't smoke.